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 Forum Laws

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PostSubject: Forum Laws   Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:22 am

Forum registration requirements :

Registration in our forum open and free, and so as not to stop your membership in the Forum Read registration systems and controls following:

1.Commitment to the ethics of modern dialogue and not to be subjected to abuse any of the monotheistic religions.
2.Any person not to be offended or abuse or libel or in writing contrary to the laws recognized officially.
3.Failure to register with the objective of the forum to put ads for other forums.
4.A non-recurrence of the same subject in more than a forum of our forum
5.Non-complaint in writing against any supervisor or member of public, and to make a complaint against any member or supervisor must write to the Department of the Forum.
6.Is strictly prohibited interference in the affairs of the Department of the Forum, and the Department of forums full power to delete or modify, transfer or close any topic or suspended the membership of any participant without mentioning the reasons.


Forum laws :

Topics that are contrary to the laws and regulations of the Forum will be dealt with by supervisors without prior warning or notice, the topics :

1.Affecting religions.
2.Political topics strictly prohibited.
3.Containing slander or abuse or embarrass any member of the Forum.
4.Containing the words contrary to ethics and literature, whether titles or their contents.
5.There are several sections of the forum dedicated to various topics, so each subject should be sent in the appropriate section. Topics sent inappropriate place to be transferred directly without leaving the link. If subjects were sent inappropriate in the section several times and a member of the same on purpose, membership will be stopped without warning.
6.Containing advertisements for the purpose of advertising sites.
7.Duplicate previously published topics will be either deleted or merged with the lead in publishing the merger as a result of mergers and the other topics automatically without the intervention of the integration of those topics.
8.Subject headings should contain the substance of issues.


Must not :

1.Violation of those laws lead to the arrest of your membership!
2.Prevent writing topics and other communities.
3.Prevent the use of obscene words or cursing and insulting other comprehensive in terms of market value.
4.Prevent the abuse of the views or beliefs of others.
5.Writing sentences that provoke members.
6.Prevent sabotage attempts, and attempts to mobilize the forum topics or replies deliberately and with the aim of sabotage.
7.If a problem occurs between you and one member not to respond to you, but pressure on the reporting feature in part or write to the administration and write your where .. And if you have responded to one of the topics the wrong way, even if the other member is in the wrong will be punished both of you.


The laws of signatures :

1.Signature does not exceed the size of 400/150 pixels.
2.Prohibited the use of more than 4 lines signing.
3.Not to develop any kind of audio files, such as automatic RealPlayer.
4.Any signature contrary to the forums administration signed the right to delete without any advance
warning that the member refines the offense will be arrested for participation - at the Forum.


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Forum Laws
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